Monday, September 17, 2007


You've read the descriptions of how much a stay at home mother should be making in a year for the services she provides. You know, 1300 bucks for cooking meals, 800 bucks for kissing boo-boos, stuff like that.

How much for at home Hazmat? I'm going in to clean my 13 year old son's room. The fumes have reached the proper shade of green today.

It was nice knowin' ya'll.


  1. I have a 23 yr old at wouldn't hurt to have his room sandblasted and then a fresh coat of disinfectant applied.

  2. If I could only collect HALF of what I should be gettin'? Whooo! Par-TAY!

  3. Once they reach a certain age, here's what you do (that age is somewhere between 18 and retirement): you tell them to clean it thoroughly AND DAMMIT, YOU MEAN IT AND YOU'RE CHECKING THIS TIME!, then when they tell you they're done, you tell them you're sure it's good, but to go do it again. After the second time, you go check, with a paper and pencil, writing down all the things that still need to be rectified. After that third cleaning, it might be decent enough for you to tolerate walking past. Can you tell I raised three sons?

  4. This time I went in and removed various items of bedding and curtaining and washed them. I also spread ammonia about the room. I took out his mattresses and aired them. I cleaned his carpet.

    Wanna know what I was really doing? Going through his stuff...hehe. Cleaning is an excuse.

  5. Well, it sounds like you survived the job. I tend to forget that part of parenting, you know mainly remembering the good aspects. How long do you think it will stay good?


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