Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feed Dogs

I've been told that today has been named Sewing Machine Day.

I don't think that's why the highschool football team put an American flag in my front yard this morning, but I can roll with this.

So, what's your most favoritest sewing machine? (If your answer is yours truly then you'd be correct.) Currently I'm salivating over a new Pfaff. It sews, it embroiders, it changes your baby's diapers. It was unveiled last week and it's so new they haven't even put a price tag on it yet.

I'd pay five bucks for the thing. Maybe ten. I'll put twenty down on it if promises to potty train my kid.

Have I ever mentioned that I like sewing? I like sewing! It's been a long time since I've machine sewn over my fingers so I must be pretty good at it. Once I cut off the tip of one of my fingers with a rotary cutter. It grew back, despite my bionic woman fantasies.

My most recent project is a Nudie Suit for my nephew for Halloween.

A Nudie Suit does not look like this:

But rather, it's this Hollywood-ized backwoods glamour, named after the designer, Nudie Cohn aka The Rhinestone Tailor:

That's Porter Wagoner's suit, if you're asking. Porter never wore fig leaves while performing as far as I know. This suit makes me salivate in degrees that are downright geyser like. I am water in the desert. I am sequins in the sun!

I'd like to wish all my readers and other hangers on a pleasant Sewing Machine Day. May your tensions always be set properly and your bobbin always be full.


  1. Is that guy's name really Nudie? That's probably worse than naming a boy, Sue. Tension and bobbin sounds a bit like fishing. There must be some similarities between sewing and fishing.

  2. I want one of those diaper-changing, potty-training gizmos!

  3. Mine is a 1940s New Home, straight stitch, knee peddled piece of crap with screwed up tension and an empty bobbin.

    Have I ever mentioned that I hate sewing?

  4. Am drooling over that jacket m'self!

  5. My favorite sewing machine is the one Santa left for me under the tree, and thank goodness it was a saxophone instead!! My son is looking forward to wearing the nudie suit, in fact he is wearing his nude suit almost all the time. Potty training is easier when you are naked!


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