Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Got a receipt for that?


My Halloween season for my business has officially begun. I've had my first Ebay disgruntled customer for the year.

She claims I sent her an empty package. Sure, I'm absent minded, but golly gee, I'm not stupid. The packaging I sent her item in is way floppy unless it has the item inside of it. Floppiness never escapes my notice! Besides, I've sent so many of this product over the years (in envelopes as big as 1977 microwaves) that the mail carriers at my post office, who know me and see me most every day in this very small town, would probably call my house and ask if I forgot something.

It's a possibility that her package could have been opened en route and her item was taken. Who votes for that scenario? Raise your hands! Unfortunately I cannot prove that she didn't receive an empty package so I'm stuck.

I have two options. I can refund her money or I can send her a replacement. (I know, you're thinking about the third option of emailing her and telling her to kindly shove it. Ebay dislikes it when you do that.) I'm leaning toward refund. She didn't spend enough that paying her off is going to hurt. I'm not going to get replacement product for another week besides. And I don't wanna send her anothern dammit!

I'm only giving her the benefit of the doubt at this point because even though she hasn't got much feedback, it's all good feedback. After I refund, I'm a gonna block her.

I love Ebay. I love Ebay. Sigh. I love Ebay.


  1. Me? I'd probably send the refund. Then I'd block her ass from being able to bid on my stuff again.

    But that's just the way I do business.

  2. LMFAO @ an empty package! i know it sucks, but that makes me fucking laugh.
    tell her to eat shit.
    fine... refund and then block her like annie jones said!

  3. Check my feedback ... hehehe ... I'm proud.

    After this week, I'll add another five to the ones up there and I'll STILL be at the same percentage! I need to buy more from you. It's time!


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