Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'd you profen

Would anyone like a headache? I've got one and I'm willing to give it to anyone who wants it free of charge.

This headache came on suddenly, as "that time of the month" headaches are prone to do. I guess I've got no takers on my period either.

Fine, I'll keep all this joy to myself.


  1. Oooooh, no. You keep that fucker to yourself. I just got rid of a headache by means of a prescription painkiller and I really have no use for your headache.

    But you can put it to use—"Kids, Mom has a headache. Here's some junk food. Now go play in the basement and leave me alone for two hours."

  2. beck come to whyday friday (or before) it cures all ills...and can make you less horny if you buy the step by step method plan for libido relief {a copy righted feature}

  3. I already have one of each, but thanks for offering.


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