Friday, September 14, 2007

Up Where We Belong

I received an interesting email a few days ago which I read and then deleted without response. The more I think about it the more I think that this anonymous comment on my life needs commenting on.

Since I don't have that nifty email anymore, I'll summarize. It asks why my blog doesn't have more photos of my husband and me together, or funny marital exchanges. Why don't I declare my love for all to see via tickers, or links to Flickr albums, or even links to everything my husband does? This is a housewife blog, isn't it?

If I posted a sparkling MySpace style GIF, would you feel better?

I wuv you schnookums!

Not that I don't appreciate my reader's more porcine qualities, but parading about what connects my husband and me in marriage is putting pearls before swine. Pork chops taste good. Bacon tastes good.

The email insinuated that I'm hiding some sort of truth about marital boredom or that we never have marital discord. We've been married fourteen years. Ya gotta be kiddin'.

There is a difference between hidden and private. Any casual porn peruser on the interwebs can tell you this! (Do not send me your favorite links, mmmkay? I don't need to know about your hot pink latex fetishes.) It's not that I keep these things out of my blog out of some sort of concern over staying annonymous, but out of concern that putting it out there for everyone will make what we've built less valuable to us. What we are together isn't ever going to be stamped with a UPC code and marketed for public consumption or comment.

Do we fight? Yup. Do we have differences that probably aren't going to be resolved? Yup. Do we tolerate and appreciate that? Yup. Are we happy? Yup. Has my husband ever showed up at the factory and carried me off in his arms while wearing a pristine white uniform? No, thank god, no.

Frankly, I'd rather post a twinkling photo of myself on the commode with a wad of toilet paper in my hands. (Do not send me links of this either, mmmkay?) I post about my husband and our marriage just enough. Don't be a little Oliver Twist about it.


  1. I like your blog. Oh, maybe you could include more photos but that is just my personal preference. You've seen how many I have on mine. I am not talking about family/personal photos, but I am a bit of a photography nut and enjoy looking at them. Just a thought. But don't make any big changes as yours is a fun read just as it is.

  2. What the holy hell? That's ridiculous. Your blog is perfect as it is. Don't change a thing. Not that you were going to--that's clear!

    Your blog title is not Strangers, Come and Read About My Personal Life and Learn the Truth About Marriage: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

  3. Last week my hubby picked me up in his arms, carried me up the stairs to our room, and promplty whacked my head into the door jamb. Now that is ROMANCE!!! I did get a nice cure for my headache, though.

    But, I don't know if words could describe you and Justin. And, I really, really don't want to read about the juicy details. You feel the need to tell me enough in person!

  4. You fart, he farts ... what else is there to marriage?

  5. Some anonymous person really needs to find theyselves a lifey-poo!

  6. ...and you scared me with that jacked-up sparkly graphic, until I realized it was an ironic .GIF.


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