Monday, October 22, 2007

Don' about me...

The bulk of my Halloween sewing is finished. Thank you, my dear readers and other hangers on, for being so patient.

At one point my two year old got a hold of my container of gold cup sequins and mixed them with a mud pie in the backyard. It was the most fabulous mud pie ever.


My husband and I recently went to see the movie Superbad. It's a teen movie and it was...well...superbad. It was crude and rude and disgusting. We laughed our asses off. Being assless has effected our romantic life somewhat. We don't plan on suing even though it makes those chaps I wear to bed somewhat pointless.

Justin and I have a guilty pleasure in teen movies. It all starts with Lord Love a Duck for me and he's back with Annette Funicello in a one piece bathing suit.

I wonder if Annette Funicello or John Hughes would have put their stamp of approval on Superbad?

Justin thought the movie could have used a small pinch of Molly Ringwald and some Ray-Bans, hold the Ducky.

Yeah, I don't remember her dressing like this in Pretty in Pink either. However, this image doesn't ruin that "girl next door" quality about Molly. Neither does that nude scene in that one movie she know, the one with that nude scene. You still want to marry her and impregnate her with dozens of your babies.

Oh Molly Ringwald, you lip pursing tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question. She's America's prom date and how.

And when Molly freak dances with you at a drunken party, she won't leave stains on your clothes.


  1. I do remember Molly Ringwald but would not have recognized her in your teddy photo. I don't know how strong her acting abilities are but she is cute and really does have that "girl next door" quality. I'll have to go look on the Web to see if she is still making movies.

    We will pretty much miss Halloween this year as on that day we'll be flying back from Maui and are not due back to Seattle until 22:50 Halloween night. Oh well, it doesn't amount to much beyond the decorating for it in our senior park.

  2. We love all the tacky teenage movies, including Superbad; we go to PG-rated movies, R-rated movies like Knocked Up and everything that could be considered bad, bad, bad. If it will get us a laugh, we go. We typically go on opening night, which is such a crap idea: there are six thousand teenagers in there, crawling over us and texting/phoning their other friends the whole time. We live with it. Go see Tyler Perry's, "We Did I Get Married". We loved it. The opening credits, however, are hysterical....

  3. Geeez, I didn't know she could look like that!

    Jessica Alba is still safe in my book but damn!

  4. Ack, typo ..., "WHY Did I Get Married". Apparently my mind is going. You know how it is.



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