Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My soapbox is cuter than your soapbox

I've been fighting the most terrible urge all this morning to go about moralizing on today's post. (...and moralize on and on and on...) I want so much to name the rights and wrongs of the world and satisfactorily judge them black or white...and don't you dare disagree!

I'm trying to define in my own head why I am feeling so preachy.

I sure have some strong convictions about some things. I don't get why people would have convictions just as strong running in the complete opposite direction. I mean...duh...why don't you think MY way? It's only logical you know.

So far I've wanted to spout off rabid opinions on:

  • Common law marriage.

  • George Bush Jr. and the debacle on terror.

  • I'm ok, you're ok.

  • The economics of stay at home parenting.

  • The religious right and the religious who are left.

  • Why using the term "fur babies" is just wrong.

  • That if my teacher husband failed your progeny, why you shouldn't be giving him the stinkeye in the grocery store.

  • I've painted my soapbox a pretty purple color and glued some sparklies and feathers on it.

    Of course it's perfectly proper to moralize on your own blog for all the world to see. I've done so in my usual witty yet entirely humble way from time to time. Today I'm just stuck. I'm not holding back because my opinion might be read and commented on. I'm holding back because I'm finding myself frustrated with my own damned surety.

    Shouldn't I question this stuff more in my never ending quest in self improvement and higher learning? Even if I do come to the same conclusions, should I just take them as read in the first place?

    ...and is this just a phase of early thirties to which I should pay no mind to whatsoever?

    ...and is Ex-Lax on sale?

    I believe later on today I'll ask my husband to relieve some of this heavy thinking with sex. I'll leave my sparkly soapbox in the other room.


    1. I vote for seven soapboxy posts, one on each bullet point.

    2. Would it make you feel better if I argued with you?

    3. Since I have had more years of frustration tilting at similar things, I have started just ignoring most of them. I will bother myself with important things I can resolve like where are we going to go for lunch today and can we find some pineapple wine to take home for Pat's daughter.

    4. I just go with the flow these days, I have opinions but arguing is useless about such topics.

      I have called my dogs "furbabies" on occasion but not that often so please dont hate me :) Mostly I just call them demon brat dogs.


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