Monday, October 01, 2007're it.

I have introduced sheer Evil into my home.



It was inspired evil. I'm not taking full credit for this evil because I was influenced by an short woman, with spiky blond hair, who thinks her husband has better thighs than mine.

I have purchased a Playstation because SHE purchased a Playstation.

I have three sons who are going to go absolutely brain-steaming bonkers this Christmas. (I said SHHHHHHHHH...alrighty?) It might require some sort of restraints.

What the schmo was I thinking? These children of mine, with the exception of the one still in diapers, will forget all the potty training I have instilled in them up to this point. They will sit in front of the family shrine television in puddles of their own refuse, unblinking and barely responsive.


More time on the computer for me.


  1. You two had probably better plan out the usage rules and start the kids using them from the beginning. One of my sons grew up with little use for computers & game playing machines while I think the other one is too addicted to the darn things. I sure don't know the best way to use them. Good luck!

  2. While on vacation last week with everyone working but me....I spent quality time with my new XBox 360.

    I changed my underwear at least twice so I did pretty good.

    Your boys will adjust....

  3. You might regret that. Once your sons don't answer anymore when you call them, get this glazed over look in their eyes and this twitch in their right hand and this air of insanity, you will regret it. But good luck anyway.

  4. My brother bought a used Nintendo and some games... I didn't think we played all that much, but my dad thought it was too much and made him sell it. I must say that I believe I played more Atari than anything before or since then. I still want my dad to give me copies of the games and one of the systems.


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