Wednesday, November 07, 2007

33's and 44's

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday.

The nice thing about being in one's thirties is that I don't have to live through those perky breasted twenties again. I really don't know how I survived that.

When I'm forty I will be done raising my oldest child and I can have his room!


I've been tagged by Deb and her pants. I've participated in a version of the fours before but my answers have changed, and thank god. I once listed Dr. Pheel as one of my favorite programs. What a circus that turned out to be.

Four places I've lived:
♥Most of Utah County, except BYU land.
♥San Diego
♥Cedar City, UT
♥Bendover, NV.

Four jobs I've had:
♥Grocery Store Checker
♥Costume Shop Manager
♥Head Washwoman
♥Greeting Card Pusher

Four things I'd like to do before I die:
♥Win a top prize at WOW.
♥Marry off my children and take over their rooms for fun and profit.
♥Maybe open a little store.
♥Create a bitchin' art car.

Four favorite desserts:
♥Chocolate Cake
♥Pecan Cheesecake
♥Blueberry Pie

Four interesting facts:
♥I can tell the sex of bugs by their genitalia.
♥I grabbed my brother in law's buttocks this last weekend.
♥I own three pair of catseye granny glasses.
♥I'd rather parade about my town completely naked than wear thong underwear.

Four favorite TV shows:
♥Big Love
♥The Price is Right

I tag Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.


  1. That is assuming that the kids actually leave. They may stay and end up being a smarty-pants in your comments.

    Like my life has been lately. haha

  2. I get his room...he can sleep in the garage.

  3. Dang, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Old woman... :p

  4. Happy Birthday you young thang. Any cake left over?

  5. Man, you really hate thong underwear, don't you? Either that or you're completely comfortable with your nakedidity.

    I recently saw a taping of Dr. Pheel. It was cool.

    The shows you like freak me out.

  6. You went and saw Dr. Pheel? Was he wearing a lot of makeup? He looks like he wears a lot of makeup.

  7. Gary left his ass at the fabulous Rainbow Hotel and Casino. We never found it. Maybe you took off with it instead of just grabbing it. I did see him in his undies after that, but I didn't see the back end of him. Unfortunately, just the front.

  8. Happy Birthday from me, also. Just think, you only have another 32 years to wait until you can get onto Medicare! (I have one year.)

    I'd vote for one of your four shows- CSI. I have no idea what the first one is, have never watched the second and am not a fan of the third. But it is a good thing that we don't all like the same ones or there would not be very many to choose from, especially when the reruns start. How about NCIS?

  9. It didn't look as if he had a lot of make-up on. What you notice most is that the studio is ferkin' freezing. Seriously freezing. Some of the studio hands were wearing scarves and gloves. Good idea to take a jacket. It's that cold. Unbelievable. He's also a LOT slimmer than the camera makes him out to be. The show is taped in a shorter time frame than an hour. That surprised me for some reason. It was a blast though.


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