Monday, December 10, 2007

My Fair Laddy

It occurs to me that I have not written about one of the most hunkiest hunks of hot pulsing meat byproducts when it comes to my bowhunk list.

I've had a crush on this particular bowhunk since the '80s when he first started appearing on television.

No, it's not Kirk Cameron. God sends you to hell for coveting Kirk Cameron.

It's not Magnum P.I. He's got hawaiian camel toe. Sally the camel's got two humps.

Though, the man has spectacular thighs.

Shuddup. I did not even hear you think Scott Baio. What is wrong with you?

This bowhunk is better in every single way. He's tough, he's muscular, he wears a skirt....

He's Groundskeeper Willie, The Simpson's cantankerous school janitor.

Willie is sexy. That's all there is to it.

Do I care if the man is a two dimensional animated drawing? Of course I do. It's incredibly inconvenient in the grand scheme of things. Oh well. It's not Willie's fault that he only exists on celluloid and was given this man's voice.

That's Dan Castellaneta, in case you're wondering. Dan doesn't have nearly the pecs.

Oh Groundskeeper Willie, you haggis voiced bowhunk! Why am I so inexplicably drawn? Oh, that's's because I know exactly what you don't wear under that kilt.

No wonder Willie is the running champion of the Scotch-toberfest caber toss.

Edited to add...yes I know Willie didn't appear until season two, 1990. That date screwed with my searching for Tom Selleck camel toe photos. Don't you take this joy from me.


  1. You can have yer Willie (?) ... I'll have Tom. I have had wicked dreams for years and they've only gotten better as I've gotten older, as has he. Ohh, Tom!

  2. hehe I miss the 80's, and pine for my lovelies like Markie Post... Oh Night Court, how I miss you!

    And...that Kirk Cameron link scared me, alot.

  3. No wonder Tracy Gold had an eating disorder. If KC was like that back then, she was probably too terrified to eat.


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