Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Open Wide

I have a cavity!

I know, no big deal right? Except that I've never had a filling. Ever. I'm 33 years old and except for the removal of my wisdom teeth, my smile has been unmarked and pristine.

I'm going to lie prostrate for a dentist tomorrow morning and get drilled for the very first time.

And then I will give the man money.

It's all very sordid.

This last summer I went through a bout of acid reflux which left my esophagus achy and petulant. I feel better now but I ascribe the hole in my very back molar to it. My Beta style choppers couldn't withstand the onslaught of VHS format stomach acid.

That being said, kids, don't do meth.


  1. Now that's just gross! At lunchtime, no less.

  2. How hard did you have to Google to find such a healthy meth mouth? I've seen much more repellent pictures than this!

  3. Not hard. I purposely skipped the really nasty ones. I mean, it's still early in the day!

  4. Oh you poor wittle baby!! Do you need a nipple?

  5. Jill, he's not gonna pluck my eyebrows...

  6. One cavity in five years? I brush regularly and am addicted to flossing (I don't know if you remember that ... it's an obsession); I've had five root canals. I have no idea how many cavities. You are truly blessed with good teeth! How are your kids' teeth?

  7. Kaelan also had his first filling, but his cavity was so shallow that he didn't need any numbing. Alec came out clean.

  8. SJ/ The Simple Family12/14/2007 10:54 AM

    I was cavity queen as a kid. Then, as an adult, i went to a dentist who kept on ahem, making up cavities. Literally. The way she made it sound, I had the worst hygiene ever. I believed her until I went to other dentists, who said mine is great and haha, no cavities.

    But, I feel for you. They suck. I at least hope you're smarter than me and actually took the numbing medicine offered.


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