Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spit please.

Not to flood my blog with any innuendos concerning my visit with the dentist, but my mouth sure is numb and my dental deductible has been met.



  1. I've been to the dentist...yesterday and again in 2 weeks....$410.00 out of my I can chew old milk and really cheap wine...after the dental bills...I'm going to have to start making prison wine...out of socks and fruit cocktail...sigh

  2. How was the HUGE needle that they stick down deep in your gums. Since I don't numb well, my dentist gives me several of them. He is the lovely dentist that introduces my husband at a church function to other members and tells them he knows me orally. I was referring to one of our sisters (guess which one) when I asked if you needed a nipple. Her favorite thing to say is "I'm fussy, I need a nipple!"

  3. I'm like Jill: I take several needles to numb up. And I'm not afraid to ask for them. I'll hold the bugger back til he gives 'em to me since I'm strictly a white knuckler in the chair. How did you meet your deductible on one visit? Wow.

  4. Unlke my medical deductible which is a much much much larger amount, my dental is only fifty bucks per family member.

    I was chided for not flossing enough Meggy darling. Teach me how to floss. Heh.

  5. It sounds like you survived your first time ever to be drilled. Maybe your dentist would like a copy of the photo you used to illustrate this post? He could use it in his advertising.

    I am changing my medical ins at the end of this month for a plan that has a much, much larger deductible. But I don't want to pay $530 a month for the other coverage that I never use. Besides, I go onto Medicare in Sep and then can get back some of that money I'd paid into them all those years.


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