Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Square Knot

Fifteen years ago, a short while after Christmas, my soon to be husband tied a nylon braided bracelet, a wish bracelet, around my ankle.

He'd worn it first. It was a gift to him, from a friend, who blessed it in his own Wiccan way and then tied it to my husband's wrist. My husband had just been discharged from the Army and from war, and he was full of the possibilities in young non-military life and the G.I. Bill. Within weeks of being tied in place the bracelet had fallen off. The blessings and wishes that it symbolized had the power to come to pass.

Sometime after that, after we'd met and when Justin knew that we weren't just dating, he offered to tie the bracelet to any one of my appendages, with all it's blessings still attached. I chose my ankle because it wouldn't get in my way while I drew or painted or worked.

...and I wished on it. I wished so hard.

This bracelet has been attached to my body for a decade and a half. It's weave is whole and tight in some places and it's wonderfully worn and frayed in others. It's been with me for every shower, every meal, through work and play, there every time I've given birth and also with me at the ends of life. I've never tried to untie the knot that's held it. I've never wanted to remove it on my own, even if it's a pain to wear with pantyhose.

I've never told anyone my wish. Not my husband, not my friends or family. No one except me and God knows what was in my heart that day. It's a big wish and it's an enduring wish.

When I think about my bracelet in it's fifteenth year, I realize that the wish is fulfilled simply in the act of wearing it. It doesn't have to fall off on it's own to realize blessings. They are there, in every way, full of possibility and endurance. They are tied to me.

I have so much faith.

And I am so blessed.


  1. Nice post. May the bracelet's magic continue for many, many years to come.

  2. That is a neat story and I also will hope it's "magic" will continue for you.

  3. Awesome story Becky.

    Sounds like I need me one of them "magic" bracelets.


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