Thursday, December 06, 2007


I'm a clean adult.

What I mean is that I positively absolutely enjoy bathing. A bathtub is the clitoris of a house in my opinion.

My bathtub isn't fancy. It's only one of those plastic insert jobbies. It works, it's ok, it keeps the water warm and it has an acceptable recline angle. I can't use cleanser on it but I can shine it up nicely with a little Greased Lightning.

A few Christmasses back my husband gave me a nifty thingabob that hooks over the edge of my tub, you plug it in, and then it provides two powerful jets of hot tub wannabe. The manufacturer of this thingabob tells me that it's not a good idea to use bubblebath while enjoying the jets, but I rebel and create mounds of bubbles. They shouldn't poo-poo on my bath experience.

More and more I am thinking that I should treat myself to the ultimate bathtub. Something deep, with it's own jets, with a nice place to sit and shave body parts. Something with enough room to place hundreds of bottles of bath goop.

Yes, I want a geriatric walk-in bathtub. Want. Bad.

Of course, it might suck not being able to get out of the tub until it drains, but I'm fully willing to take that as a matter of course.

A walk in bathtub, that's the John Holmes of bathtubs. My current bathtub is Masters and Johnson average. It works, it's ok, it has an acceptable recline angle.

I'm going to be forthcoming enough to admit here that I keep typing bathtub as "bathrub". I'm going to go fix a cup of hot chocolate now.


  1. Damn you, Becky, damn you! You stole my post idea!

    I, too, want a geriatric bathtub. Along with a Jitterbug cell phone and The Clapper.

    Being old rocks.

  2. I am looking at that picture of you in the bathtub there and for some reason I thought you had longer hair on your head and less on your lip ... but not much. :D


  3. I cannot stop laughing....

    And the bathtub being the clotoris of one's house, now that is poetic!

  4. I also love the poetic sound to that tune.
    If you're looking for one of these, try this site:!

  5. Don't laugh...but these tubs can do a lot of things. Since you used a pic of a Rane tub, I'll give them as an example. Think of how great it would be to get their Atlantic model. It reclines! The tub lifts at an angle to allow you to lay back and the water cover you to your neck/shoulders. Spa experience at home :) I wish!!


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