Friday, January 04, 2008

Belated Post...a post you can ponder about all weekend long.

I have lovely hair. It's long. It's very long. It's getting near my waist.

When I woke up this morning my very long hair was caught underneath one of my boobs. I don't think I need to get any more detailed than this.

Tonight Justin and I are going to go see Louie Anderson.

What do you think my chances are of my very long hair ending up underneath one of Louie Anderson's boobs?

Shaddup. A girl can dream.


  1. A girl can dream? Or a girl can nightmare?

    Loui Anderson is funny, I'll grant you that, but he would never grace the inside of my bedroom, even to see the colour of my walls. He'd have to look from down the hall.

    You have odd taste in men. I'm starting to think I need to take a closer look at that hunk of Y chromosome you married ..... it could be scary!

  2. Poor. I think you would smarten up long before it came to that. Listen to Meggie.

  3. so how was it ? Were your seats close enough for Louie to sweat on you ?

  4. Yes, our seats were close enough for Louie to indeed flick sweat on us. (2nd row, right in the center, in the cushy chairs with waitress service.) Though, I didn't notice that he sweated at all. He stayed positively April fresh.

    It was a great show.

    Oh, and he's lost 85 pounds so he wasn't nearly as big as the photo in this post. I wonder if he even had boobs anymore. I guess we match then.

  5. Continue dreaming. One of my crushes is WWE wrestler, Beth Phoenix. That reminds me. I'm a little surprised I'm not on your bowhunk list as well as Louie Anderson.


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