Thursday, January 10, 2008


I keep bouncing around ideas for a new running gag to replace my Bestest Housewifely Doodads (Pull down menu in the right sidebar.)

I thought I'd write about the goofy housewifely view of sex but that's turned out to bust. It's gone down a hole. It's falls asleep right after and doesn't want to cuddle.

It's not like I don't mention sex around here pretty consistently. It's not like I don't mention sex anywhere I happen to be pretty consistently. Only recently I joked with a buddy that I was determining who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election by imagining which candidate had the most dignified "O" face. Huckabee is running last with that one.

Chuck Norris apparently doesn't vote like I vote.

Anyhow, besides posting more photos of politicians and their potential "la petite mort" faces, the ideas have been running thick at times and thin at others. Nothing has kept my interest so far past one post.

Here, have an Obama.

Some of my more quickly tossed ideas get tossed because they are whiny in nature. I had thought that I could feature a monthly post entitled, "Hey Asshat!" to which I complain about, well, people who are asshats...but that's not what I need to project as an image. There is nothing new about asshats or negativity.

I was hoping to keep things positive around here.

And now, Hillary.

...and another Hillary, because Hillary's a girl.

I'll come up with something eventually if I don't push it too hard. You can't stop genius like mine when my hormones cooperate.

Have a Mitt Romney.

It's time to log-off and change a diaper. I'd better before I get to posting a photo of Giuliani. No one wants that.


  1. I think Fred Thompson's O face is promptly followed by a long nap.

    Can we get an Edwards picture?

  2. No Orange, you can't. Edwards is a robot, lol.

  3. I wonder if Bill had anything to do with Hillary's face? Somehow I doubt it.

  4. there is something strange about the color of Obama's gums.


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