Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Full Bean Ahead

It's traditional here at Casa Absentminded to watch the State of the Union address behind a large plate of mexican food. There is no shortage of spectacular authentic mexican food where we live, but Dubya's last State of the Union didn't merit anything so delicious. We settled on frozen burritoes and tortilla chips with canned refried beans and Ortega queso dip.

The quality of the speech was indeed right on par with the quality of the food. Both caused gas within an hour.

Just in case you didn't listen to the speech, I'll provide some highlights for you.

1. No child is being left behind.
2. No vetoes will be left behind.
3. No young experimental democracies left behind.
4. No clone left behind.
5. No terrorists left behind.
6. No tax increase or tax cut left behind.
7. No fully funded military left behind.
8. No veterans benefits left behind.
9. No border control agent or immigrant left behind.
10. No defining ideological struggles left behind.

Finally, no lame duck presidential legacies left behind.

I don't know what aspect of last night's meal to blame my heartburn on. Dick Cheney's smirking could be responsible for that for all I know.

With the election forthcoming, should we consider a new style of victuals to go along with a new president? If Huckabee gets elected I'm thinking we're going to have to switch off to just gnawing on Velveeta straight out of it's foil wrapper.


  1. Ooh! What menu do you suggest for the other candidates?

  2. Dave the Widower1/29/2008 10:03 AM

    I was similarly underwhelmed by alst night's speech. In fact I was so underwhelmed that I was left speechless. Just being able to say that I was underwhelmed is a huge effort of will. You hit on the "exact" foodstuff (Velveeta) to be consumed during a Huckabee speech. Or, if one is feeling high tech, pressurized imitation processed cheese substitute with artificial flavors (a.k.a Cheese Whiz) may also be consumed straight from the can.


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