Thursday, January 17, 2008


Two possible posts abandoned, is the third post a charm?

While those other posts were certainly decent posts, they weren't right for today. It's so cold today that my fingers aren't in the least bit literary minded...and my nipples are in agreement.

I shouldn't complain about the leftover overcooked oatmeal feeling of winter. I'm not California dreaming by any means, but oh I dislike being cold! I swear my body is going to react by growing a silky fur coat just like Lassie's. I've already got a wet nose and an urge to lift my leg to pee.

At least there isn't much snow where I live. It's bad enough being cold. It's worse being cold in the snow. I used to like snow but I've settled into my cantankerous ways and nowadays I'd rather lick the inner glass of my aquarium than go out in the winter elements much less go snow skiing or sledding. Snow sucks and I will not apologize for saying so. It sucks and it sucks and one more thing, it sucks.

That's my final answer.

I'm about to slip into a hot bath to read a book and relieve my writer's blocked nipples. My fingers are in agreement.


  1. I don't much like cold and snow either and that is why I am very glad that Pat has said we can go south next month for a few weeks, probably about three. While you are south of us I am really thinking of more like the desert around Yuma. Warm sunshine.

    Did your hot bath help to relieve your writer's block problem?

  2. My bath was very nice....until my two year old jumped in the tub with me.

  3. I hated when my kids jumped in the tub with me ..
    yucky baby butts!

  4. kids/tubs?

    i don't have kids, but if someone else was in the house to watch them, i'd lock the door!

    undo the writers block soon, i love reading your stuff!


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