Friday, January 18, 2008

Pig Waller

My children are home from school today (and the husband is not, it's "learn me to how to be a betterer teacher day.")

Today I put on my mommy pants (which happen to be made out of flannel) and make my children thoroughly clean their rooms and their bathroom. This forced labor includes buckets and plenty of disinfectant cleaner.

I'm mean.

Now, all of you, my readers and other hangers on, go clean your rooms. RIGHT NOW! Don't you give me that look!


  1. But...

    But I gotta work today!!

  2. I can't believe your living room STILL looks like that.

  3. Mine isn't perfect but it isn't that bad! You really find some winners to illustrate your points. Those people need to submit their place to that TV show that gets rid of junk & helps you learn how to setup storage.

  4. Can you come to my house and teach my kids how to clean,,,,PLEASE


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