Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I am not an interior decorator.

While watching television yesterday evening, I became smitten with a product on a commercial.

I want a Fathead.

What is a Fathead? They are high pixel lifesize vinyl posters of sports players and logos that you can stick and restick to your wall.

I want a Fathead. I want to paste all my heroes and obsessions onto my walls but I don't want any of the images this website offers. I don't really give a flying fig about athletes. I could take or leave most sports. A giant Dale Earnhardt Jr. on my wall isn't going to validate my existence.

I'm asking the Fathead company to fulfill my requests for these posters. I'll pay extra.

I think a 6 foot tall Truman Capote displayed at a focal point in my home is sure to add an air of sophistication. Air of something anyway.

I love me some Oingo Boingo and I further love me some Danny Elfman. I'm hanging this one on my ceiling above my bed. Bridget Fonda, I'm lookin' for you...

...and finally, my hero, Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy. This validates my existence.

Watching Sewing with Nancy, hooting and wearing a beer hat with an "N" painted across my bare chest also validates my existence. Though, it does seem to disturb the neighbors. They know better than to knock on my door Saturday mornings.


  1. How 'bout some of the candidate's fat heads into Fatheads?

  2. I ate lunch Sunday at Fat Burgers just before an out-of-town seminar I attended on digital photography last Sunday. Does that count as something close to a Fathead experience?

    Be sure to post a photo of the "N" across your bare chest here. That one will draw a lot of hits to your site.


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