Thursday, February 28, 2008


This epithet is what I yelled toward the TV this morning, thinking that Dubya could hear me through my screen.

This is also what my two year old is yelling as he walks about the house, playing with his little Lego toy men.

Surprisingly I didn't call Dubya a twat, as is usual. Now that I think about it, that part of the anatomy is generally quiet. Assholes are chirpy and our Prez is engaging in one long whining chirp, interrupting my morning news. I'd turn him off but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Isn't this election exciting? It's been a long while since I've seen people so enthused about the political process. I mean, how enthused could you have gotten about Walter F. Mondale anyway? In this election we've gotten more choice than a Starbucks menu!

Why oh why did I just imagine Hillary Clinton lathered up in caramel mocchacinos? That's some kinky stuff right there. High in calories too.

I'm eager to see who America's next commander in chief will be. Marking time by these changes in the world is quite amazing.

And I need to teach my toddler new epithets.


  1. In a former life u were a hockey fan, eh! Those of us that tend to call themself maple leaf fans, even some closet leaf fans, tend to yell at the leafs while watching them on TV.

    Oh and Dubya has been one for a long time whether u yell it or not!



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