Friday, February 08, 2008

Curl up and dye




It's at home hair dying day!

I might as well dye my hair. I have three inches of roots and plenty of hairs that look like this:

I plucked that hair from my tender scalp just for you. I won't be plucking all the hairs that look similar however. That would render me mostly bald in the front. At thirty three years old my salt and pepper look isn't as distinguished as I thought. I started going grey at 16. I'm not outgrowing that phase and I'm definitely not distinguished. I'm flat chested and I think fart jokes are hilarious.

My hair has changed every time I've given birth to a baby (because I've yet to give birth to anything else.) Sure, it grows lush and full when a person is pregnant, but then that person ends up not being pregnant anymore and all that lovely hair falls out en masse. Each time my postpartum hair has started growing back in it grows back blonder, and curlier. Half my hair was my usual stick straight dark brown, the other half curly and blonde and the third half grey and curly and wiry and stickystraightuppy.

My hair is multicultural. I've held it back from declaring it's candidacy for president. It's got skeletons in it's closet.

Because I don't remember what color I dyed my hair last time, I had to buy two fresh boxes this go around. It takes two boxes because I have that much hair. I'm trusting you, my dear readers and other hangers on, to remember my haircolor for me. Meet the twins.

I'm giddy because buying two boxes means I get an extra pair of rubber gloves. There are just so many entertaining uses for rubber gloves!

No, I hadn't thought of that use. Pervert.


  1. At least you do have three halves of your original head hair left. I think I only have about 10% of my original amount. Of course it does grow better in my ears and nose than it ever did when I was younger but I really don't consider that to be a good alternative.

    Good luck with the do it yourself hair coloring. I remember when my younger son was in Jr. High he and a neighbor girl decided to dye his hair. I think he was trying for blond but it ended up orange. I called him Carrot Top. He didn't like that.

  2. I keep thinking about coloring my hair. Every time I look in the mirror now, I'm staring at my hair thinking, "Is that gray or is that just light brown?" I think I'm still in denial.


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