Monday, February 11, 2008

Fluffing Dummies

I spent most of my weekend up in my attic.

There is a lot of fluff in my attic. It resembles what's going on in my head a great deal. It's not even pink fluff up there, but this odd loose grey stuff. It's dusty randomized fluff. If my dumb gay cat had a way to get up into the attic, I'm sure the fluff would be infiltrated by dumb gay cat doodles.

This weekend I further stuffed my attic full of well marked boxes of things I didn't have the heart to throw away or sell at last summer's yard sale. Highschool photos and love letters, my children's schoolwork and drawings, a thirty year old stuffed Curious George doll, Justin's army BDUs and combat boots that haven't lost that combat boot smell even if they are fifteen years old. Stuff, fluff, life.

If my house were older my attic might be a more interesting experience. Old houses have attics full of fitting dummies and trunks of stock certificates now worth zillions, don't they? There is no fluff anywhere. There might be a demon and a mouse or two, but no fluff. No cat doodles.

My parents have a neighbor on the opposite end of the block whose house has an amazing attic space. All the neighborhood's kids, including myself, spent several hours there playing hide and seek type games, drawing, hosting haunted houses. That house has character. If that house were to ever come up for sale I'd pawn my soul to the demon up in the attic to buy it...even though that would have me living within inches of my parents and two of my sisters. (Communes are sexy.) At the very least my neighbors would already know me and wouldn't be surprised at the odd noises at all hours of the night. They'd whisper and point, but they wouldn't be surprised.

Afterall, my husband refuses to engage in any nooky in our attic as it is now. The fluff gets in all your nooks and crannies.


  1. My house has neither an attic nor a basement and I kind of miss them both. I can say that as I am still young enough and spry enough that stairs don't cause me any problems. But I am sure that after a few more years I'll be glad that we live in a one floor house. It will stand as a challenge to you to motivate Justin in the attic, even with the fluff.

  2. I read between the lines and concluded that u were in the attic simply to clean it so that u can in the immediate future have nooky there,,, i am right eh!



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