Thursday, February 21, 2008

I haven't had my coffee yet

7:00 - My alarm goes off. I don't want it to go off. I'm having a really nice dream. That's what they make a snooze button for, isn't it?

7:09 - My alarm goes off. I don't want it to go off. I'm warm. I'm cozy. I don't have to be up just yet anyway. Ahhh...snooze button.

7:16 - Earthquake goes off.

Yeah, Earthquake. 6.3* Earthquake. Epicenter 30 miles from my home.

Where is the snooze button for that? I didn't want that to go off.

Everyone in my town seems to be alright, as far as I know, but the teeny town nearest to the epicenter is scrambling this morning. They've had buildings fall but no word of any injuries as of yet.

I felt a small aftershock not long after, but nothing for the past hour.

...note. My town is on mountain time instead of real Nevada time. I know it happened at 6:16. Honest, I didn't mistype the time.

* It's been downgraded to a 6.0.


  1. There was an earthquake when I was in Alaska about 10 years ago. I think it was a 5-point-something. No damage, but you could definitely feel it. It was one of the stranger sensations I've experienced.

    Glad you didn't get damaged.

  2. Welcome to Californy-style livin'! Lovely, isn't it? Did it freak your kids? You should have told your teenager that's what happens when you refuse to brush your hair and/or teeth and you arranged it that way.

  3. Earthquakes can be fun and exciting as long as they don't cause you any problems. I heard about that one on our news and wondered how close it was to you. I think the reports here just called it as being in the north east part of Nevada, near the Utah border.

    Why are you on Mt. time? Is it because you are more economically connected to Utah and they are in that time zone? It was interesting spending time in Bullhead City, Arizona which is on mountain time but with Laughlin, Nevada just across the river. If you were meeting someone over there or going to a show, you had to agree as to which time you were going by.

  4. Exactly Dick...since my town straddles the state border, and we are more economically connected to Utah, we use mountain time. Drive a mile to the west of my house and it's Pacific time.

    The same goes for Jackpot NV, who is economically connected to Idaho, also on Mountain time.

  5. I've never been in an earthquake. I'm sure I will sooner or later living here. Guess someone really wanted you to get up.


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