Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm a big kid now.

I've begun the absolute rapture and joy that is potty training.


At this moment my child is running about the house without any sort of covering on his southern end. This is convenient...and dangerously messy.

I had been putting off potty training until the weather was warmer. It's far easier when the potty seat isn't at Antartic temperatures. My son has developed a yeast based diaper rash which has inspired me start earlier. The best thing to clear that up is to expose everything to fresh air, as much fresh air as possible. Diapers impede breezes.

The second best thing to clear that rash up is a little yeast infection cream, found in the feminine hygiene aisle.

I hate to think that I'm infringing on my son's sense of masculinity by slathering his bum with girly goo. The next thing you know the boy will be staging Barbie evening gown parades and redecorating the parlor. I'm going to have to put my good shoes higher up in the closet.

I don't have a parlor though, but if I did and he were to redecorate it, I hope he does so having developed continence and a preference for pants.


  1. I enjoyed the post...umm I have nothing to add. good luck is all.

  2. Good luck and I'm glad it is you and not us. Just remember, this should be the last one.

  3. I used potty training rewards. THe audio and chocolate treats were positive incentives to fully potty train our son. He loved pushing the button and hearing he is a Big Boy. He was peeing and pooping in his potty within a week. Have a look and see what you think.

  4. Karen, I'll leave up your spam for now, but know that I managed to potty train two other boys without any electronic buttons or chocolate treats. Hell, I didn't even buy any of those damned Pullups.

    Potty training isn't a race. My kid will take a week if that's what it takes him. It'll take a year if that's what it takes him. If he's still not trained by age 21, then we've got issues. No one wins a the speed potty training prize when they graduate from college.

    I did buy the Once Upon a Potty video with my second child, as he was non verbal. It was annoying. It made me want to smack around kittens. I'm not unsure that your big boy button won't have the same effect.

    Now, if you get any clickthru's that end up in a sale from my comments, I expect a commission.

  5. You have good shoes? Are those your chucks? HAHAHAHAHA (you can't reach me, so I figure I'm safe).

  6. Dare you make light of my spectacular black leather Chuck Taylors!

    You're just jealous I tell you, jealousssssssss.

    (Oh, I have not shown off my knee high black heeled boots...lurve those.)

  7. That's actually how I potty trained my son. He had a diaper rash, and I let him roam free. He suddenly announced that he had to go potty, and has been diaper free ever since.


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