Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm washing my apron....

I'm declaring today Naked Housework Day.

With the exception of cleaning my self cleaning oven and dusting the coils behind my fridge I'm spending my day completely and udderly nude. At least until 1 pm, when I go pick up my kid from school. I'll put on a pair of pasties...without the tassels. No need to dress up more than I have to just to go to the school.

I need to feel unencumbered.

You can join me in celebrating Naked Housework Day if you like. In your own homes, alrighty? I expect spotlessness.

Photos are optional.


  1. I feel more comfortable clothed than unclothed. Send me something to wear and we'll do it together, but ... you do your thing, I'll do mine. I'm dusting.


  2. in your case, however, photos are NOT optional...


    COME ON!!

    I'll change the oil in my car in the buff....

  3. Too late. I'm dressed now. Have some pasties.


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