Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Morning Minutia VII

My boobs are sore.

Every time I see Wilford Brimley's die-uh-beet-us supplies by mail ads during The Price is Right, I get a little jolt of sexy going on. It's the mustache. (Not related to my sore boobs.)

The pickles that come in the gallon jar from Sam's Club are really huge.

Project Runway!

I cannot quietly convince my toddler that toothpaste is not on the breakfast menu. I have to convince him loudly and with a lot of foot stomping and flailing.

What do Nascar drivers do, during those long long races, when they gotta take a whiz? What if it's more than just a whiz? What if their jumpsuits ride up and they have to they worry about their steering while they do that? What if they ate something garlicky and they have to breathe in all their exhale in that helmet?

It's a spandex obsession.

My teenager is under the impression that his personal hygiene is something that can be negotiated in this house. He gets a haircut today. Surprise! I'm fully in favor of him keeping his hair the way he likes when he also decides to keep it washed and runs a comb through it. Next on the agenda, toothbrushing 101.

Diego on Nick Jr. is telling me to say "Superzoom!" I question his sexual orientation.

Coming to my mailbox soon, courtesy of Netflix, XANADU! Jealous?

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  1. Aren't teenagers wonderful?

    Wait til he starts driving. It's a fun time had by all ... woo!

  2. I think most people would GUFFAW at my netflix list most of the time...

    And sorry about your boobs. Really.


  3. I stopped reading after you said your boobs something and then I kind of remember Xanadu. weird.

    great post!

  4. I've spent nearly the entire day thinking about celebrity chef boobs. I come over here and I what are you talking ABOUT SPANDEX...oh and your boobs.

  5. Even I like Wilford's mustache!

    Don't tell anyone though...

    Or I'll be forced to spread the news of your spandex obsession.

    Take my teenage son with ya when you go and get your son's haircut...please. I beg you...


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