Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I woke up this morning to the sounds of my dumb gay cat regurgitating.

My cat barfs a lot. He's a healthy cat, but he gets exciteable and then he hurls. Of all the qualities my cat is blessed with, this is the one I don't love about him.

Untrue...I'm also not particularly fond of my cat trying to cock-block my husband. He gets all possessive and jealous (the cat and the husband.) In my cat's little kitty world he recognizes that I am the well deserved leader of the clowder, his furry ass is second (the cat, not the husband) and my husband is running a distant leg crampy third. The cat likes to sit on my chest and stare my husband down, daring him to lay a hand on me.

My husband just shoves the cat off and proceeds to do what makes him happy in his little husband world.

(A clowder is a collective group of cats...ain't I vocabulated!)

Because I'm first...the leader...the matriarch, I'm responsible for searching out the location of where my cat has barfed when the noise wakes me up.

I now have a cleaned and disinfected bedroom window sill in my little housewife world.


  1. Our Molly loves to eat the cat grass that we keep growing for her, then she usually barfs it up, too. It is supposed to help with fur balls. Maybe, but it isn't fun to clean up especially when she seems to usually hit the carpet rather than the vinyl flooring where it would clean easily. You were lucky on the window sill.

  2. Passing through from BE... I have blogrolled you because of this post!

    Going to come back LOL

    eh I am also a housewife =)

  3. i am so glad that i'm not the only one that has husband/feline jealousy in the house. my cat doesn't barf... what she does do is go into benny's bathroom and shit on his rug.

    so i always know where the problem is.

    she's a bit of a bitch.

  4. Our dog barfs. All the time. She drinks too much water the promptly throws it back up and looks really apologetic. Or she drinks, then eats, then throws it ALL up and then re-eats it if we don't notice immediately. Ugh. Why do we have pets?

    I find it amusing that your cat is a cockblocker. SHIT, my dog just barfed. Seriously. I think my husband might have, too.


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