Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Victorian Era is really really over.

I enjoy learning all manner of new things. It keeps my mind supple even though my body is moving ever southward. Boobs beginning to droop, brain perky. This is as it should be.

I've learned quite a lot about a certain subject this last week. I didn't seek out this learning. It came to me quite unexpectedly. Those close to me could tell you that I know quite a lot about this kind of thing a general non-participatory kind of way...because I find the facets of this subject fascinating.

I've had an MSN search engine burst. People are seeking out images of the sexual fetish of their choice and happening upon an image of my tubal ligation procedure. This leads them to click on my uterus and then my sitemeter registers the search terms they were using.

It's been a long time since I've been shocked about the proclivities of others, given that I thought I knew the most obscure terms for all kinds of "hobbies", but this last week, boy howdy!

Honestly, should you be doing that unhygenic activity with your family members? Rubber trees are dying by the millions because of you. Britney Spears may be a little nutty, but I don't think she does that. My God, just flush it already! Soylent Green is people!

...and that's seeing what popped up when I've got MSN set to moderate search. Lord help me if I turned the safe search off.

All these MSN searchers have been directed to my November 2005 archives. I couldn't allow their presence go unnoticed! I entered a post in the archives, so it would be the first post they see, welcoming them to The Absent Minded Housewife. I'm nice that way.

Do not send me the link to TubGirl. I've seen it...and I'm disinfecting today.


  1. My search referrals occasionally include masturbating with orange. Please! I hardly know you!

    Last summer, I wrote about the double standard of people freaking out about Hillary Clinton's cleavage but paying no mind to the male candidates' apparel or physiques. I called for the media to give us crotch shots of the candidates. So of course, I get all sorts of Googlers looking for, say, crotch shots women. Recently I added a horrifying picture, which had been merely a link at the end of the post, to the beginning of the post, hoping to have the same effect your new 2005 post has. See for yourself! (No nudity.)

  2. I remember TubGirl ................

  3. "poop masturbation" has been a great source of traffic on my blog. As has "shit fetish slc." These Utahns, I tell ya...

  4. I guess I've just been a little too staid in my web searching, looking for things like "RV solar" or "Nikon lenses." I never seem to get any big surprises from my searches.

    Oh well, I don't get those email solicitations for p**** enlargements or rubber dolls, either. I guess it is a good trade off. Maybe I should change that P word above or I suppose my comment will start getting hits and likely from guys who are a bit like your cat. I'll change it.....

  5. I was just in yer archives, and since I only recently started reading your blog, hadn't yet heard the story of your name. Funny stuff. Just thought I'd mention . . .I went to school with a BOY named Leigh.


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