Monday, March 03, 2008

Happiness is a warm carrot*

My toddler has fallen asleep on the couch after having a tantrum.

He had a screaming fit after I obstinately refused his demand to "open" a carrot the way I'd open a banana.

I was a deprived child myself. No one bothered to open my carrots. I was forced to eat them unopened. Then I had to walk to five miles to school through blizzards, uphill both ways.

Sometimes life is tough.

*The original title of this post was "Closed...indefinitely" which I was told was confusing. No, I'm not closing the blog. I was rather speaking of the closed nature of carrots, as in, it's impossible to open a carrot. At least, I think it is. Anyhow, carrots are good warm.


  1. Carrot top is on the juice, right?


  2. I think it's likely he's on a myriad of juices.

  3. Carrot Top is still ugly as sin.

  4. You have made me speechless. But I do have a question: was your toddler bottomless while he was having this tantrum? Was he kicking and screaming while wearing no pants? This would make me laugh at him and then he would scream harder.


  5. Why yes, he was bottomless.

    Not only that, but he's got half a haircut. I was trimming his hair and he only made it through half of it before he'd had enough. I plan on completing the haircut later.

  6. ooooh . . . .did you take a picture ? You need to stock up on blackmail material NOW !

  7. I don't think opening a carrot is too much to ask for. :-)


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