Friday, March 14, 2008

Damn You Tony the Tiger, Damn You

I have approximately a dozen ideas for posts.

None of them are getting written today. Didn't get written yesterday. Didn't get written the day before either.

I am slave to a two year old child that has cereal issues.

He wants cereal.
He wants cereal in that one bowl.
No, not that bowl, this bowl.
NO MOTHER, not that bowl, not the bowl I just handed you.
He wants me to be his psychic bowl friend.
He wants Raisin Bran.
I say no to Raisin Bran because he eats the raisins and dumps the bran on the floor.
He wants Cracklin' OatBran.
Cracklin' OatBran is my cereal.
I don't want to share.
Cracklin' Oat Bran is expensive.
But I give in and pour some in the wrong bowl.
I haven't poured enough cereal in the wrong bowl.
So he throws his dry cereal on the floor.
I put him in his crib.
Where he throws a tantrum.
After calming himself, he picks up all MY Cracklin' Oat Bran off the floor.
He eats his floor cereal quietly.
He then wants more cereal.
I pour him a half cup more.
He wants more cereal than that.
I tell him no, fearing the effects of bran on his digestive system.
He throws his dry cereal on the floor.
I put him in his crib.
Where he throws another tantrum.
I'm not sharing any more of my Cracklin' OatBran.
He calms himself down.
He eats his floor cereal.
He wants more cereal.
I tell him no.
No Raisin Bran. No Corn Flakes. No Cheerios.
I offer him a banana or an apple.
He throws himself to the crumb crunchy floor, banging his forehead.
His forehead has been in a state of bruise for the last two weeks.
He cries "Ow!" because banging his forehead is always a surprise.
I let him lay there.
Hopefully he'll nap at one.




This too shall pass.
Both the cereal and the terrible twos.


  1. Yep, they do grow up. Then there are times you wish for those good old days back. It usually looks better when you are a few years in the future looking back. Then that behavior was kind of cute. Kind of.

  2. OH, how I feel your pain! My 2 y/o usually wants oatmeal.


    Well, yesterday he threw his oatmeal in the floor and wouldn't eat it. He wanted what big brother was eating. Greaaat.

    I'm actually kinda shocked, right now he's eating his lunch of "Bagel Pizzas" that I made. Last time, wouldn't touch them. This time, scarf city.

    The fickle mind of a 2 year old!

  3. Man this brings back good memories. Not long after I became a single Dad my 2 1/2 yr old son (now 13 yrs old, but that's another story) had the cereal he wanted in the correct bowl (the kind with the built-in sippy straw) and I poured some milk in and he threw a fit. Why? It wasn't ENOUGH milk to fully cover up most of the cereal like wanted. Oy ! Dang, I love that memory !!

    You go Becky !

    Dave the Widower

  4. Errr .... give him toast?

    It will pass and besides, it gives you something to blog about about.

  5. I just counted and I've blogged about it five out of my last seven posts. How tiresome!

    He is by far my most stubborn child, even if my oldest started the terrible twos at age one and kept it up until kindergarten. My middle didn't do the terrible twos at all. He was seriously a joy.

    This just messes up my status quo...

    I can't complain too much. We've left the oldest to babysit while we went to a chili cookoff last night and another movie tonight. I get to sleep in tomorrow morning.

  6. Sounds like you live at my house! Went through that stage with DS just before he turned 3, and man those were trying times on sanity. Hang in there!!

    DS (Monster man) is now almost 5 and his current obsession is the gender-correct utensil for eating. I have two silverware sets, one sort of plain with long lines and one flowery pattern with shaped edges which DD has called "boy" and "girl" forks/spoons for their decorative patterns since she was little. No big deal until Monster Man gets it in his head that boy utensils and THE boy is the only way it works. So he cannot, absolutely will NOT, eat from a flowery girl spoon or fork. At all. I've even done the "look, be thankful you HAVE a fork at all. Now eat your dinner!" he ate spaghetti with his fingers. Yes, he was punished, and he now has moved on from demanding/throwing fit about his correct utensil to asking for a "boy" one... at least he asks. He still won't eat from a "girl" one. Ugh

    You are not alone girl! Vent it out! :-D


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