Sunday, March 30, 2008

Housewife Gone Wild: Spring Break 2008. Tuxedo Tshirts and Metamucil

The only reason I'm running about my house showing great portions of my flesh is that I have great piles....of laundry.

My two year old has put crayons in his armpits and is running about the house with purple and yellow crayola "lazers" poking out, making "pew pew pew" sound effects. He's got cocoa pebbles in his diaper.

My nine year old wants to blow things up.

My fourteen year old is having a bath, to which I have reminded him that shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant are not myths.

My husband has just asked me if we can make our own moonshine. I don't know how to make moonshine. I could probably whip up a passable sock wine in a few days using his socks and a can of creamed corn.

Time to go. I've got to finish making a bikini out of fruit roll ups.


  1. Wow . . .we could bring a homemade prison-style tattoo machine, if that's how y'all roll . . .

  2. You all have a good time on the spring break. My youngest & his family are at Disneyland right now. They picked a good time to be gone as we are actually having snow and cold weather while they are in 70 degree weather. Oh well, as you say about your toddler, this too shall pass and true spring will come. Some time.


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