Thursday, March 20, 2008

I ate fajitas last night...

...and this morning I'm indisposed.

I barely made it home from taking my son to school.

Afterwards I lit a few matches and my bathroom promptly exploded.


  1. That doesn't look like fun. I got a case of food poisoning about 13 months ago and your photo brings back bad memories. Although I don't think I ever got that deeply into the porcelain throne.

  2. UUgghh.....

    Becky? That's a sign that you're starting to get old as hell :p

  3. Dick, I don't think you and she are talking about the same thing ......

    Becky, you and my husband have the same issue. He at least asks me which restroom he should use to leave his crime scene so that I can have the other one. And yes, it is that bad. HAHAHA

    I, on the other hand, am pure daisies. All daisies, all the time!

  4. Actually, darling Meggy, you and Dick are both correct...

    Ding ding, you win a prize!


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