Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I choose you Pikachu

Because I was on the verge to terrible twos caused breakdown in my sanity, I took myself to our little movie theater last night to watch The Eye, even though I'd seen the Japanese version it was based on.

I was still as distracted as my last post indicated and sat down in the wrong theater. Fortunately I was with it enough to know that I did not want to watch Step Up 2, breakdancing boogaloo, and managed to make my way to the proper theater without getting lost and without missing any portion of the movie I paid to see. Even with only three screens, yesterday it would have been entirely possible that I'd still get stuck in a corner of the lobby without the ability to find my way out.

When my oldest started in on the terrible twos I used to restore my sanity at the public library. The Cedar City library was home to a tweedy orange couch that was worn in all the right spots and wasn't too dirty. I sat with my feet tucked under me and read all the magazines and newspapers that I could not afford at the time, all alone, away from any corners. It was blissful.

I miss that library. I like the public library in my current location, but it just doesn't feel as cozy. It lacks an orange couch and an old soul. The theater in my town. It's cozy even if it's not free, and there are cupholders for my convenience.

Japanese horror films are cozy too. At the very least they confirm I'm not as insane as I felt yesterday.

Today I shall complete my taxes. Hopefully tax forms will numb my brain enough that I won't be forced to go to the theater again to watch that breakdancing movie. If it does get that bad I might just stand in the corner of the theater's lobby instead. I'll still buy some nachos.


  1. We went to the breakdancing movie. We liked it. We liked the dancing and athletics, even if it was a little loud and had virtually no theme. I rarely go to movies to get a good storyline because ... they don't make 'em! Well, actually ... wait for Mrs. Pettigrew! I loved that movie! I cannot see movies like, "The Eye". I'll have nightmares day and night for months.

  2. I've been buying DVDs on eBay but haven't and probably won't look into Japanese horror films.

    I find our local Starbucks a good place to settle down with a mocha and a good book. Of course, you have to take your own book with you but that way you have only good books to select from (those are the only kind to buy, right?)

  3. I have to say just from watching the previews (because I refuse to watch the American remake) if you like horror films you should watch the Japanese version because it will be supremely better than the American version where they spell out every little detail to you (again just having seen the previews I can tell this).

  4. I saw the japanese version first. (Said so, first paragraph!) They were comparable.

    I prefer the American "The Ring" to "Ringu". The female lead in Ringu needed bitchslapping. I think the cinematography is better in the American version.

    Both versions of The Grudge were good.

    I recently watched "The Messengers", which was directed by the same brothers who directed the Japanese Eye. It sucked.


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