Monday, March 17, 2008

Zit Remedy is Here

I depend on my readers and other hangers out there in blogland. I write for you folks...I bare my ever-loving soul for you folks. You share your stories back with me. Even you lurkers...I can smell your stories. Smells sorta like canned potted meat products and grape flavored cough syrup.'ve failed me.

You have! All of you. You've failed me!

How could none of you tell me that Degrassi High has been released on DVD in the states and it's now available on Netflix?

I've been agitated about this since September of 2006. I had finished the three glorious seasons of Degrassi Junior High but as the gang moved onto high school there were no more DVD's to be had. I've been suffering the constipation of the cliffhanger for a year and a half. It's been incapacitating.

You, my readers and other hangers on, did not spell relief.

Oh, I know you were out there living your lives. You were tending to your jobs, having relationships, raising your kids, paying your bills and performing whatever other piddly little tasks that add profundity to your existences. Was it too much for you to think of me and Degrassi in all this? Really, was it too much?

The salve of Joey Jeremiah and Caitlyn Ryan will reach my mailbox in a couple weeks. The jitters are easing as I type.

Don't worry. I'll be OK. You're forgiven.

Just don't do it again.


  1. That whole blog just makes me so sad. For you.

    You just need to get out more. Degrassi?

    Now I'm starting to doubt your movie integrity!

  2. I just can't believe you don't understand the love of Degrassi. When I think of your homeland I think of your tattoo...and Degrassi.

    Oh, and Sue Johansen. She's sex-a-licious.

  3. What is a degrassi high? Is it sort of like a pot high or even more serious? How about the legality of getting high that way? It sounds dangerous.

  4. Dick, I'm high on life...if there is Degrass at Degrassi, I'm oblivious to it.

  5. Did you know there is a new Degrassi? Degrassi: Next Generation. It follows Spike's daughter, Emily, through her high school angsts.

  6. Thank you anonymous poster! You have thought of me and my Degrassi needs. You get a gold star.

    I did know about next generation and have watched it from time to time. I don't find it as compelling as the original even if Joey got all sexy and Spike lost the do.

  7. Sorry..sorry...

    I was busy watching reruns of "21 Jump Street."

    My bad.

  8. judging by the hairstyles in the photo...I was drunk during the decade and a half from about 1980 to 1994...I have no clue what Degrassi is....I'm no help but you didn't think I'd be. So, I don't feel very bad at all. (is the cast now in and out of re-hab? if not then it's not worth watching)

  9. Degrassi is on DVD? SWEET! I've heard so much about this fabled Degrassi - it's totally going on my Netflix queue. Thanks for the tip!


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