Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Housewife Gone Wild: Spring Break 2008. Tramp stamps and cold cream.

Her name was Sara.

By the way she was acting you could tell that she wanted my husband. She was giving him come hither looks. She was practically rubbing up against him.

...and I found I wanted her too. Desperately. She was soft. She was beautiful.

I just couldn't bring myself to pay the $65 adoption fee.

Justin should not take me to PetSmart. He's always tempting me with warm welcome additions to our life by way of cats. He's a purr pimper.

I would have brought home Sara too if I wasn't so sure that my current dumb gay cat wouldn't beat the living hell out of her. Either that or he'd begin to pee on my possesions. It pisses me off to have my things peed on. I haven't got the schedule this summer to teach my cat how to play well with others.

What we ended up taking home is six cold wet goldfish and a white loach. They do not want my husband to cuddle them.

The goldfish have been named "The Village People". I don't want to know what the Village People have practically rubbed up against.


  1. Between Pat & I we have 3 cats and I don't think they will ever get along. It does make for some interesting sounds during the day, though, as they meet unexpectedly around the house. Peewee is going to have to learn to share the sunroom with the others.

  2. What the hell is a white loach? I'm not in the mood to google.

  3. We tried to bring in a stray cat once, and our two cats did beat the living hell out of it. Then they went back to sleep.

  4. Oh, gosh--2 weeks ago (has it only been 2 weeks?) I made the mistake of going to PetSmart on a Saturday. Yeah, we came home with a second dog. So far they haven't killed each other...

  5. Shortly after we move into the house, we're going to get 2 kittens. They'll be our practice babies.

  6. My wife and I have two very large cats, and we learned pretty early on that one of the (the larger one) is incredibly not-okay with cats he doesn't recognize. Amy came running from the other side of the house one day because the cat was screaming like someone was killing him. Turns out he was screaming at the cat outside the window on the porch.

    So, every time she sees a kitten that she wants to bring home, I just repeat the universal mantra: "Edmund would eat it. Edmund would eat it."

  7. My kids want parakeets and hamsters and rats and guinea pigs as pets. All are fine pets. I'd like to take them home too...but they would become cat dinner within hours. In summer it's an odd day when he hasn't caught something and left bits of it on my patio. His record is five birds in a day.

    He's a dumb gay violent cat.

    ...and he cock blocks my husband.

    (Am I too prim to type cock? Nope.)

    We'd get a dog but we take off too much and we have no one willing to dog sit. Cats you can leave and they won't tear up your couches. I'd love a dog otherwise.

    Meggy...a loach is a fish. It's not a goldfish. I dunno. I didn't pick it.

  8. We tragically killed nearly every creature brought home from the pet store. Luckily we were able to give the dog away to a nice home.

  9. neglect, not on purpose mind you.


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