Thursday, April 03, 2008

Housewife Gone Wild: Spring Break 2008. Pole dancing and corned beef hash.

The preparations are on for the apex of my absent minded Spring Break. There will be wild guests, much food, and drink, and the irresponsible spending of money, and a concert. I'm itching to ball up my underpants and then savor the breezes.

(Fine parents and little sister are coming to visit my little corner of casino hell tomorrow. We will be seeing Bill Cosby put on a show at the local concert hall. It's a sold out show, neener neener. I'll try to convince my Mom to pitch her panties.)

Since the Queen of Clean, the Empress of the Electrolux, my Mom, is coming, today's plans include wiping crayon marks off the walls and detoxing toilet seat hinges.

...then, the at home brazilian bikini wax. For The Cos.

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