Monday, April 07, 2008

Join the love train, the love train.

I like to fancy myself a frugalite. It was a necessary habit in my college days. In those days if milk dipped to 1.50 a gallon, my husband and I bought extra and froze it because saving a dollar meant another half gallon of milk could be purchased down the road. It's a comfortable habit now. I have a big freezer and lots of interesting items frozen in it.

Some years back I made the prodigious purchase of a sorority sized box of pantyliners. Three bucks and I had pantyliners well into the next millennia...and when you need a pantyliner you need a pantyliner, right ladies? Pantyliners don't require freezing to keep them fresh, which is a considerable bonus.

When I was showering this morning my pantyliners were removed from my bathroom cabinet by my two year old and placed in a long railroad track pattern across my family room floor.

Relief...he had not removed the backing and exposed the stickers. My son had not turned into maxi pad boy, which I would link to, but I'm sure we've all had that photo passed into our e-mail boxes. I considered posting it and found the photo using Google, so I know you can find it too. I also found a site detailing how men can use feminine hygiene products which was somewhat disturbing.

Anyway, isn't it genius that my two year old interpreted the use of pantyliners in such a way? He gets those smarts from me! Frugality too...because when you don't already have a toy train to play with you build one with what you've got laying around.

Hopefully he won't discover how to remove the backing because the next time I need to buy a sorority sized box of pantyliners my kid should be around 25. He can buy his own milk and all the feminine hygiene products he requires then.


  1. I liked this two-and-a-half minute movie, The Secret Life of the Maxi Pad. (The pad shops for groceries and goes to yoga.)

  2. In the middle of a store the other day I thought I was going to have to use a pantyliner to blow my nose. It was a heavy flow day.

  3. Orange, that video is a misrepresentation! The maxi pad consumes no chocolate!

  4. I have seen drunken men use pantyliners as bandages.

  5. Thank god he hasn't discovered tampons make great cannons...they even have their own ammunition!

  6. Ah, Spring Break is over for another year. You survived and it does sound like you make good use of Costco size packaging. Did you teach him to put his toys away after he finished playing with them?


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