Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm trying to watch Medium online.

I'm maybe 25 minutes into the episode.

It's sponsored by that new Patrick Dempsey movie. The show is broken into little chapters with a movie ad in between. That's why I can watch it online for free and stuff. I don't mind watching a dumb 30 second ad every so often. It's better than 5 minutes of 30 second ads, especially when it's an election year.

It's better unless the movie ad isn't loading properly which means I can't get the show to run at all which means I can't watch the ending which means my pants are gathering painfully at my crotch making me angry and full of angst.

It's been offline for fifteen minutes. Argh!

McDreamy, McFoamy, McBastard...Actor, heal thyself, and get my show back up and running!

Ahhhh...it's on now.

Post writing karma.


  1. I prefer to watch Extra Large, myself.

  2. BECKY you can watch jesus for free at my blog.


    yes for free

  3. Hey Becky...love Medium. She's my favorite TV mom because when you get past her fascinating career, she's a screw up of a mother--like most of us are in our own ways. Oh okay, don't take offense. I'm sure you have a fault or two as well. YOu have something you hide away in the coat closet for no one to see!! Anyway, Medium Mom doesn't do shit around the house, wakes everyone up at odd hours for no good reason, if she ever prepares breakfast she skuttles out before the third kid's even in her chair, she's never home to tuck anyone in, yet she's warm and funny and clearly picked the perfect husband to pick up all the slack. She's a genius.

  4. Hi Becky -- I recently stumbled upon your blog. Great writing! I hope you don't mind that I'm adding your blog to my blogroll. Peace!

  5. I'm sure the tight jeans don't help none.

    Medium...never watched it. Am I missing something??


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