Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Aunt Bee Wannabe

Hi, I'm Becky...

...I used to have a mullet.

It was 1984. After a lean muscular chick in running shorts tossed a sledgehammer into our Wake Me Up Before you Go Go mentalities, my older high school aged sister took my ten year old head into the bathroom and gave me a haircut just like hers. Then she did the same thing to my little sister.

I did have lovely and long little girl hair. I ended up with lovely and long Joan Jett awesomeness.

At the time I didn't realize that my older sister, who really really really liked sports, didn't just have a mullet to keep her hair out of her eyes while she played. I just thought she was the neatest sister ever with her feathered front...better than sliced wonder bread and the box macaroni and cheese that my mom would never buy at the store.

I realize now that I only barely dodged the bullet of having band hair in my teen years. My older sister got old enough to be out on her own and and so I had to take my hair cues from a big book in a hair salon. I chose a short boy haircut at age twelve, leaving the mullet behind me forever. At one point after that I had a short tight poodle perm which I refuse to discuss. You just don't instantly get over trauma like that. Oh the nightmares...

Today I've got lovely long little girl hair reaching my waist. I need a haircut and I'm trying to resist taking hair cues from popular media. How do I decide on a do without also choosing a lifestyle? What does it mean if I choose a Sex in the City haircut? What kind of example am I if copy Marcia Cross? Can I get away with a Hannah Montana at my age?

Do I have to get a haircut that tells the world that I AM MOM? Absent Minded hairdo?

Sigh, my hair now hides the front poof on my Mom jeans when I sit down.


  1. what a great post, Becky. I think every older sister must have experimented on their younger sibs hair, it must be etched in the older sister DNA somewhere. My younger sister butchered her own hair so I didn't feel the need to take scissors to hers, but together, Beth and I used our little brother to hone our haircutting skills. We were bad a first very bad. She would do one side, one way while I did the other. At first the layers we gave Jamie looked more shingles--we cut across rather than diagnolly. But eventually we worked out our game and now both of us can fashion a pretty good boys' haircut...
    I'm totally with you on the selection of hair cut saying something about who you are. Boy, the mom cut and old woman cut are just lethal...

  2. Go look at my facebook picture; take a copy of that with you to the hair stylist and say, "GIMME THIS CUT". There is nothing dyke-lyke about it. You'll look hawt. Trust me.

  3. As long as u have that high hat with the fruit in it on, i dont really care what your hair looks like ;)



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