Thursday, May 22, 2008

If Mr. Potato Head can be pro cloning, so can I!

This morning I woke to the sounds of a chilly wind and chirping birds, with the morning rays streaming through my windows and my sheets crisp against my skin.

I sat up.

I scratched.

I stretched.

...and then my neck kinked.

I'm sitting here with a warmed rice bag on my neck and ibuprofen in my tummy. I sewed up this bag of rice to lay my wrist on while I use my mouse on the computer but it serves just as well as a hot pack. It's red velveteen...perty.

Wouldn't it be nice to be made up of Mr. Potato Head parts on some days? In general I like my body parts, especially when they are cooperative, but today would be a good day to unscrew my head and neck. I want to replace my kinky neck with a pink plastic neck pre-adorned with a big clowny flower. I think I want to yank off my feet to change my shoes too.

My little sister is full of uncooperative body parts. This week she's had most of her thyroid removed. She had a growth on the thing that just wouldn't quit. Growths are not kinky. They ain't even arousing...and surgery in general sucks. This hasn't been her only surgery or her first or even second removal of a body part. Hasbro doesn't make plastic Mr. Potato Head parts to replace all the anatomy that's gone wonky on her.

Hopefullly this is the last.



  1. Best wishes and good thoughts for your sister--a friend's mom is having her thyroid removed today.

    I still have all my original parts, but there are some that would benefit from a trade-in. (And I'm not even talking cosmetically.)

  2. I have had very little removed. Tonsils, adenoids, and a couple cysts. Most are original parts. It would irritate me to have keep having them removed. I hope it all works out well for her. And you, by the way. I've done that, where the neck goes funky on you. Annoying, isn't it?

    By the way, I blame you for Archuleta's loss last night. You did not vote enough for him. Damned Utahns(?) and their 10pm curfew cost him the Idol crown.

  3. I didn't vote for him at all. Didn't vote for any of it. Didn't care! (Though Idol came on at 7 on Utah time, ended at 9 I think, everyone was still wakey wakey, or at least having sex.)

    I did watch David Cook do Billy Jean and enjoyed that thoroughly.

    For my Mom's Bday I got her tickets to see the American Idol concert tour because she's in love with Archuleta. Don't tell her. It's not until July.

  4. Who is Archuleta? I know of Obama and Clinton but this is a new entry to me.

    Annie had a lot of body parts replaced, mainly joints, and it is really amazing what all they can do for them now days. But I don't think they can do much more than fusing necks. Maybe some day but wouldn't that make you shorter?

  5. I don't know about the "Growths are not kinky" thing.

    Nothing says "HOT" like a full blow boil.

    Maybe that's just me.

  6. Moog...having watched such things on YouTube, I sort of have to disagree.

    Wait, did I just admit to watching boil popping on YouTube?

    I am ashamed.

  7. Sorry.

    Just realized I typo'd "full blown boil" by typing "full blow boil"...

    ...which is a different fetish entirely.

  8. Suddenly I'm craving tapioca...

  9. I hope your sister is feeling better soon and isnt in any pain.

    As far as sore joints, backs, and necks go, we use these spice/ bean bags thingies. You can toss them in the freeze and use them while cold or heat them up in the micro wave. I once travelled 500 miles in a car with kink in my neck, not fun. Keep alternating ice and heat on that neck.

    We can compare sore joints sometime :))


  10. Dang! on your Sister's need for Surgery. I wish her well and a speedy recovery.

    I bet there is an adult version of Mr.Potato Head out there with ALL the parts included. If not...Becky I see a void that needs filling (so to speak)

    Have a nice weekend

  11. Jerrster, it is Mrs. Potato Head who has the void that needs filling...Mrs. Potato Head or Mr. Gay Potato Head.


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