Friday, May 02, 2008

Morning Minutia VIII

Strawberry flavored Whoppers are a delicious part of any nutritious breakfast.

Justin and I went to a bingo fundraiser Wednesday night. We won a $50 gift certificate to the local car parts store. I sure hope they've got lounging naked lady mudflaps because my fabulous minivan could use some.

The best place to keep a big pile of dirty laundry? The entryway to the house. Wasted space otherwise. If anyone wants to fold this laundry after I wash it, I'm paying. No fingering my dainties.

I am seriously kicking ass playing Boggle/Scramble on Facebook. Rialtos...that's the first place winning word.

I mean that, no fingering my dainties. Nevermind. I'll fold my own laundry.

My husband got me new watercolor pencils for Mother's Day. I will use them to draw tasteless temporary tattoos for fun and profit.

Five big black helicopters just flew over my house. I'm in the middle of nowhere Nevada. Odd, but now that I look at my calendar I can see I'm due for another probing.

Lewis Black in concert? Sexy as hell. The lady whooping in my ear sitting behind me? Not sexy. So not sexy. Smacking her could have only improved her ability to attract people.

I need to buy more margarine.

Lapsed Minutia.


  1. Let's see... whoppers, margarine, probing....

    Come ON, you DO want your dainties fingered, and you know it!!

    The first step is admitting it.

  2. I like the berry flavored ones better than either the aplets or cotlets. And the smell was not overpowering but I'm not sure how it would have been in July/August when it was 100 degrees outside. Not sure how strong their AC is.

    We found a good sale on margarine last week so are set for awhile.

  3. If I'm ever near your house again, I'm fingering your dainties.

    Lewis Black: the only man as cerebrally sexy as my husband.

  4. OMG, where have u hidden the camera in my house. We had a big pile of dirty laundry sitting at our front door for 2 weeks, after the kid brought it home from university.



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