Monday, May 26, 2008

Ode to trying on new swimwear when summer is looming and the kids think you need to take them to the pool

She walks in spandex, like a fright
With grumbling moans and heavy sighs;
And all that's not the least firm or tight
Sits on her tummy and her thighs:
Thus renounced to that futile plight
Which shirring and gaudy print disquise.

One tug this way, another tug that,
Had half covered the jiggling mass
Which gapes with all this escaping fat,
And tautly ensnares her saggy ass;
Here thoughts obscenely sour call at
How big, and round her swelling chassis.

On that butt cheek, and o'er that breast,
So sturdy, so awful, yet functional,
The straps that dig, the fabric stressed,
To wear for days in chlorine spent,
A mind resigned with all below,
This body whose parts at least are dressed

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  1. Great visual.

    Now I want winter.

  2. Hahaha-I am the only one at my job that is happy shorts are no longer allowed . . .

  3. I'm with moooog, how many more months until fall???


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