Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One of these things are not like the others.

I used to only think bananas were a bland mushy mediocre fruit...

But since my last grocery shopping excursion, I think I love bananas.


Speaking of inches, I got a spur of the moment haircut on Sunday.

That's twelve inches worth of ponytail. I had a total of sixteen inches cut off my waist long mane leaving me with a cute layered shoulder length cut.

Oh how the hairdresser eyed me! They all do, those evil evil stylists. That is, they did. They won't anymore.

I like the cut. I think I'll keep it. The ponytail will be sent to Locks of Love. This will be the second time I've sent them a ponytail.

You wanted a picture of my new hairdo? No can do. I haven't even showered yet.


  1. I always wonder what those mini-bananas taste like. They must be different or I can see no reason to buy them. Some day I'll have to try some.

    How long did it take to grow your hair out to that length? Donating the cut off portion to that group is a good thing to do.

  2. We tried on Saturday to get my older brother to donate his ponytail to Locks of Love. He passed, since the tail is about all the hair he has left. Unless you count his ZZ Top beard.

  3. Those aren't mini bananas Dick...those are normal sized bananas. The big banana is REALLY BIG.

    ...and my hair just grows really fast. If I just let it grow from today it'll be to my waist again in a year and a half.

  4. Did you know that every person has a set length to which their hair will grow? I did not know that til recently. You are one of the fortunate ones who's hair wlll grow VERY long. Others have hair that will grow to mid-back length. It's weird. Go ahead, google it! Odd, ain't it? Ok, now please show (or email me) a picture. I wanted to see a pic last time and you didn't do it. This time ... do eeeet ... doo eeeetttt .....

  5. My kid once spurned baby cucumbers because he "wanted a man-sized one."

  6. I did know that Meggy darling. I learned that when I worked at the costume shop slash beauty supply, along with learning about the best way to mix perm solutions and how to clean tanning beds.

    Orange, I can understand the desire for a decently proportioned cucumber. When considering roughage in one's diet, a big cucumber is a better value than a bunch of inadequate cucumbers.

  7. Oh, can't take a photo yet. It's too windy.


  8. Screw windy. Take it in the bedroom with your legs over your head.

  9. Meggy, dearest, I thing you're envisioning a different haircut than I actually got.

    (Which makes that ponytail image hilarious.)

  10. You had hair down to your knees, Becky.

  11. Congratulations on your act of love!
    --Kim in DC

  12. I'm still waiting for a picture...


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