Friday, May 23, 2008

She's alive....ALIVE!

It is driving me absolutely bonkers this morning that I cannot remember the name of the Barbie I had in 1982-83. I have been googling all morning trying to find some sort of Barbie product list. You would think such a thing would be easy to find on the interwebs don't you? I'm here to tell you that it's not. No one wants to supply me with with the secret password and I'm loathe to sell my soul to Mattel.

As a little girl I didn't have many Barbies. I was just as likely to play with horse manure than with Barbie dolls. The Barbie I want to write about, she was THE Barbie and I had to have her. She wore an Edwardian styled dress, with a white blouse and pink skirt. She wore a cameo. She came with a makeup case with real makeup that you could put on yourself.

I can remember the name of the Barbie my little sister got that same Christmas. Pink'n'Pretty Barbie. Big surprise of a name there. That Barbie came with a wardrobe of pink clothing that you could style many outfits from. This little ruffly piece of nylon could be a skirt...or...could you make it into a cape...or a veil? Oooooh, I could put it on Ken and further emasculate him! Sure I can remember THAT.


Holy CRAP!

Just now, right this very moment, when I was image searching for Pink'n'Pretty Barbie to illustrate her branded pinkiness, I found MY Barbie. MINE. The website is in French and I sluffed French class in high school, but Woot! Ceci donne un coup de pied l'âne!

Introducing my little sister's Pink'n'Pretty Barbie:

This Barbie isn't nearly the Barbie mine was. This Barbie is not dreamy. This Barbie is sucktacular.

Introducing MY Barbie, THE Barbie, Angel Face Barbie!

This Barbie was an early indicator of my current love of sewing and costuming in two ways. The first is obvious. That outfit is FABULOUS. Would it have been right without the cameo or the matching belt? No, my dears, it would not.

As to the second reason, when you think about what my older sister did to my Barbie, it becomes obvious.

My older teen-aged sister found me annoying. In all likelihood I was a half a step away from being Satan spawn so no one should blame her. Instead of beating on me and incurring my parent's wrath, she took all her sibling rage out on Angel Face Barbie. My older sister, the one who two years later cut my hair into a mullet, she scalped my Barbie. She ripped off Barbie's vinyl head, from ear to ear, across her forehead, and hid Barbie in her closet.

I was sad.

But there was hope.

Barbie wasn't dead. Barbie was just in a coma. Barbie needed fixing.

Oh how I wish I hadn't thrown that Barbie away when I got into my own teen-aged years because an image of the real thing would have been priceless...I sewed Barbie's scalp back together. With a needle and red thread. Angel Face Barbie became Franken Face Barbie in my grubby 8 year old hands.

Good as new!

Despite her plastic surgery, she wasn't the worst looking doll in my small Barbie collection. That award goes to this little gem:

I put the Michael Jackson doll on my Christmas list as a joke...which my parents did not get. Poor Michael was so abused. I wish I'd kept him too.

His emasculation in doll form, also not a great big surprise.


  1. If you melted the Barbie face with the stitches just a little, it would look strikingly like Joan Rivers.

    Actually...same can be said for the Michael Jackson doll.

  2. Michael Jackson "fully poseable".... that says a lot right there, really.

  3. I think u missed your calling,,,,you should have been a brain surgeon!


  4. An emasculated Michael Jackson. Isn't that redundant?

  5. If you are looking to buy another of those Barbies you might try looking on eBay. And it looks like you are having a lot of fun with your digital camera and editing program.

  6. Love Angel Barbie! I've totally rationalized my daughter being into barbies and makeup/hair/clothes, etc. by imagining her as she accepts her oscar for best costume or set design....ah denial.


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