Thursday, May 29, 2008

Steaming mad....

In general, I like it when my carpet is dry. It makes home life comfortable.

In general, I dislike it when my almost three year old son goes into my bathroom to wash his hands, clogs the sink with Q-tips and toilet paper, leaves the faucet running emptying the entire contents of the hot water heater onto the floor and making his exasperated parents miss Top Chef.

It soaked the bathroom rugs. It soaked a fair portion of my bedroom carpet. It soaked my hair dryer and curling iron. (No, they weren't plugged in, I keep them stored under the sink in a bin. A big water filled bin.)

No, we didn't hear a thing. Mischief is quick. Mischief is silent.

The Top Chef gods were punishing me for attempting to eat Wheat Thins and cheese in a can during the program. I should be able to make squeeze cheeze smiley faces on my crackers if I want to. Fie on your gourmet snobbishness!

Excuse me...I have a date with the Rug Doctor.


  1. Wow, I tend to forget some of those fun parts of raising kids! Chin up, though, they do survive (and so do the parents) to grow up and then you remember things like this fondly. Sounds hard to believe but it does happen.

  2. Awwwhhhh, lol,,, well they are your kids so that means the law says u have to love them,


  3. Wow...I TOTALLY read this thinking about your "other carpet."

    Gives this post a whole new start.


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