Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I relish using campground pit toilets.

Since I've given birth to children, I've sort of obligated myself to doing certain things for them, like volunteering to chaperone school sponsored summer camping trips. Trips like these are supposed to help broaden their wee little minds as well as get them absolutely filthy. Much too early tomorrow morning, I get to climb aboard a yellow schoolbus and ride 400 miles to see a cave with one kid that is mine and 40 zillion other kids that aren't mine.

I've just returned home from a tent pitching test run. Guess who owns the biggest damned tent in the whole damned town? Yes, my readers and other hangers on, I do. We bought a tent that is bigger than my house. It has two large rooms and sleeps 40 zillion. One of those rooms is just for me and my air mattress dammit. I think I lost two kids in the other room on the test run. I figure they'll be ok. I hear their voices echoing so that means they are alive.

When I get home my parents will be here visiting for the weekend.

Tonight we celebrate my youngest son's third birthday, which is really tomorrow. He doesn't know the difference anyway. We'll throw some cake at him and a couple toys and call it good.

So, no posts until Monday. Expect that post to be a bit on the frantic side and to smell like bug spray.


  1. I don't understand why you're not posting Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday right now. Your readers, stalkers, stockers, and other various hangers on expect it, dammit!

    Cake flinging. Heh. Fling it here.

    Have fun with toilet paper and holes and poop.

  2. ??

    non-plussed blinking...


    Your PARENTS are gonna be there? And no posts with interviews? That's pretty freakin' cheap of you to bogart them like that!

  3. How dare you. How will I survive without you. My life will not have any meaning until you return.

  4. No posts til Monday? It'll take that long to wash all he dirt and grime out of ya hair...

    Good luck with the campin!

  5. I thought you were going a whole different direction when I read "pitching a tent."

    The last time (LAST TIME) my wife and I tried setting up a tent, we were 2 minutes into it before she was throwing my own shoes at me.

    Did I mention that we've never done this again?

  6. Keep the tooth paste out of the tent while camping! Last time i went camping their was a family of newbie campers beside us. New gear, net tent, new everything,,, the ultimate sign of newbies. The racoons were trying to get inside their tent all night to get at the tooth paste, lol

    I could never be confused as a newbie camper, not with a 50 yr old colman stove. I start the coffee in the morning and its almost ready by lunch time when i use that stove.

    Have fun camping. Get an air bed, not just an air mattress, to use especially since u have so much room.


  7. Gee, I hope the bug spray worked okay for you. Otherwise you will look like you have the measles from mosquito bites. Maybe. I kind of prefer my RV to a tent.


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