Thursday, June 26, 2008

Morning Minutia...wait...afternoon minutia...IX

I shouldn't keep telling myself that the reason my gallon of ant spray remains unused is because ants are my friends.

Scramble (Boggle) on Facebook...type fast, type hard, kick ass.

I am noticing just how much my bathrooms need painting. I drink that much water. I use that much TP.

Crosby, Stills and Nash concert on Saturday at 8 pm. Crosby stalking begins at 10 pm and lasts until Sunday afternoon.

Shitpissfuckcuntcocksuckermotherfuckerandtits...and meatcake.

Gotta pee again.

Update: The bathroom needs painting and new flooring would be nice.

Recession? What recession? There is no recession anywhere I can afford to drive to.

If I told my ornery next door neighbor that I intended on exploring my destiny in becoming a chicken farmer and she could have all the fresh eggs she could eat, do you think she'd move? Neither city law or my HOA prohibit it...heh.

Gotta pee again.

Update: Paint, new flooring and a new light fixture. Something victorian looking. Maybe trim the towels and re-stain the vanity...

I asked my doctor to prescribe me a yeast infection treatment along with my horse pill antibiotics. He said, "Oh yeah, that'll probably be good." And it is good, one pill that cost me $2.31 plus tax. How clean! How oozeless!

Check out the pirate ship we got for Ryan's third birthday. None of us can keep our hands off it. It's the perfect toy.


  1. CS&N are good, but I like them better with Y. Or just Y by himself.

  2. You and me and the pee, sister. Is annoying. Especially when I have to look at the water damage to the floor and vanity in the main bathroom. From the girls' sloppy bathing habits, not my pee.

  3. You might like PathWords on Facebook. I kinda suck at it myself, at least compared with a couple friends who kick my butt every time. Drag the mouse to trace a word and remove those letters, get more points for longer words. Simple—yet vexing.

  4. Damn...looks like he could actually fit in there!

    Thing's huge.

    I want one

  5. From a lurker...
    Not just Scramble, but Path Words, Word Twist, Bubble Words, Text Twirl, and my favorite - Scrabulous.

    Yes, I'm addicted.

    Yes, my kids fend for themselves and my house is a mouse. The cats might mutiny if their litter box doesn't get cleaned soon.

  6. my house is a MESS, not a mouse.

    But I do have 2 mice. Mr. Whiskers and Buddyscotch - they're pets.


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