Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why my hand smells like a cat's bum.

My dumb gay cat insists on perching himself up on my desk, where I put my mousepad, and sitting his butt on my mouse.

(Insert dumb gay cat and mouse joke here.)

(Hey now, that's lewd, perverts.)

What gets me is that this dumb gay which I which I which I allow back in the room to assert his dominance after my husband and I have enjoyed marital maintenance...looks at me like I'm violating HIS precious space when I shove him off the desk.

Dammit, he just parked himself there again, with his back all to me, twitching his tail in my direction.

I'm struggling with my personal space in general as well as at the moment. Not only in my dumb gay cat still sitting on my mouse but my three year old is sitting on my lap. He's going through that inevitable toddler nudist phase which makes this personal space thing ever the more charming. At least his tail is not twitching.

I seem to not be adjusting to having everyone here for summer vacation as well as I usually do. I wasn't looking forward to it like I have before.

I have to give up space that is usually mine. Physical space, the space of sounds, mental space, spiritual space. I'm deluged with motion around me, and questions, and constant eating and noise.

This summer around I don't want to compromise on my space. This summer around I've had violating looks for those who shove me off the desk.



  1. You should bottle that fragance. Guaranteed to keep everyone away. Well, except for the cat.

  2. Geeee, i hope no one pushes u off your desk.

    Our cat is attached to me too. He jumps on the files which are on my desk while i am trying to work. He jumps on my lap while I am watching TV. He jumps on my chests and licks my arms while i am asleep. If this doesnt wake me, he attacks Mrs Erf and licks her arm pits :))

    Oh, and our cat follows me around when i try to do anything at all, like BBQ, Garden or put furniture together. We call him the supervision cat.

    If u need your space, go for a little walk. Kids and cats seem to take over their "owners" space too easily,,, eh!


  3. Thank goodness I don't have a cat!

    I don't share my stuff with anyone...and that includes spaces.

  4. cat is dumb and fat. She piles up on top of the keyboard and blocks the computer screen.

    It totally pisses me off but what can you really do about it?

    Cats are like men. They need to be the center of attention...especially when you're not paying attention to them.

  5. i think my cat is your cat.

    i'd like to give the world a cat / and keep it company / so it would stop ruining my poems / and stepping on my keys

    hello, your husband led me your way, nice to meet you!

  6. The cat has a need to diddle. He needs his own special little cat toy to diddle with.

  7. So basically you smell like macaroni, kid butt and cat butt...all you need is the adhesive bra and you'll be a hit on the job.


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