Monday, July 28, 2008

Lazy Vacation post #3

Repost from June 29, 2007, "Masturs and Johnson".

I feel compelled to do my part in defending the English speaking world against a scourge. This atrocity is breaking down communication across our great land. It may even be silently effecting you!

Masturbation is not spelled with an E. There is only one E in masturbate and it's right at the end, where it's most satisfying. U masturbate. YOU masturbate. I don't masturbate, but U does.

Have you been spelling this most important term "masterbate"? I understand there is some mastery in performing this act properly. Many people practice diligently and become experts. Many people don't practice this at all and are the masters of their domains.

I have practiced and have mastered both writing the letter U manually and typing it on my keyboard. It's right there between the Y key and the I key.... a more convenient placement than the E key in my opinion. I use my right index finger to ever so gently tap on the U key, over and over and ovur.

Go forth and E no more.

End public service announcement.


  1. I don't care how you spell it ... I just like to come!

  2. Oh please....

    Don't you think I would know how to spell my favorite pasttime??? :p


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